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Activize Your Life is a project which runs out of Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Environment Centre at Seven Acres Local Nature Reserve, Bolton. Better thought of as a series of projects and activities, it offers people living in nearby Breightmet and Tonge the chance to volunteer for wildlife, to access training, improve their health and wellbeing, increase their contact with other people in their community and it encourages young people to get involved in community activities for the first time.

The Trust has worked to offer activities that meet local needs in the first instance rather than the more traditional wildlife activities that you might expect a Wildlife Trust to set up – so the projects range from Buggy Zumba to Seven Acres Squad; Choir to Urban Adventurers and Health Walks to Nature Tots.

We celebrated people’s involvement by in Spring 2014 writing eight short profiles – they tell each person’s story – how they got involved, what they have done in the project and what being part of it has meant to them.

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Whilst we update our website we will be sharing what we’re up to here – our shiny new blog.  We’ve got some exciting new pieces of work coming up during the summer and some lovely pieces of recent work to share. 

We are a social research organisation based in Manchester – please take a look round, read about the work we do, and follow us on Twitter.