Pathways specialises in consulting local people about their communitites and green spaces. We know that the best way of asking people’s views is to go to where they are – into libraries, outside shops, at community centres and up hills if needed! We help people give their views by using a wide range of creative approaches – from giant thermometers, to pictoral ‘fill in’ questionaires, to facilitated meetings, to one to one interviewing. This generates rich qualitative data and robust quantitative information. Where appropriate we help communties make clear decisions about the future of the places they live. Here are a couple of exmaples of our consultation work.

Lakes to Dales: for Natural England

In 2010 we delivered a major national consultation about the possible extensions to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. In partnership with an organisation called Countryscape, we facilitated thirty stakeholder workshops across the region and enabled over 10,000 people to give their views. In September 2011 the Board of Natural England approved the extensions – and a decision is now being awaited from the Secretary of State.

Crompton Moor: for Oldham MBC

Crompton Moor is an area of waterfalls, moorland and forests just outside of Oldham. It was a great potential resource on Oldham’s doorstep. During 2009 we worked to consult local people about the future direction of this wild green space. We talked to 300 people through a ‘dawn to dusk’ User Survey and research on the streets and noted the activity patterns of a further 700 people. We brought local stakeholders together to agree priorities for the site and in parallel we ran a consultation event for local children.