We believe that gaining new skills and knowledge enables people to more effectively shape their lives, work and the places they live. So we have a passion for helping people to learn.

We also know that people learn by doing – sharing experiences, getting inspired, sorting through information and practising new skills. We train workers, community leaders and activists. Here we look at two of our major training projects.

CABE Space Leaders Programme


CABE was the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Between 2006 and 2010 Pathways designed and delivered the annual CABE Space leaders programme – a flagship training event to develop leadership skills amongst green space managers. Pathways designed the programme, marketed and co-ordinated the event which had an annual budget of over £200,000.

Each year Pathways designed the three and a half day residential event which attracted 90 new delegates and around 30 national and international contributors who worked to deliver the programme through site visits, networking forums, workshops, keynote speeches and celebration evenings. Our creative approaches to networking and skill sharing – giant postcards; market places; interactive workshops; mentor groups – made the event stand out. In post-event evaluations, the event was consistently very highly rated: “It was the most inspirational and enjoyable work-related event I have been to!”; “It’s given me renewed drive and ambition to face challenges at work”.

Spaceshaper Facilitator Training

Between 2007 and 2011 we were contracted to train green space and community professionals in a new consultation tool called Spaceshaper. Developed by CABE Space, Spaceshaper is a tool for assessing the quality of any public space. It helps a group of stakeholders to experience the space together, share their experiences of the space and assess how well the space is performing against eight key indicators at that point in time. To learn how to facilitate the new tool, Pathways simulated mini ‘Spaceshaper’ events and then helped particpants to creatively reflect on the process and the skills they needd to deliver the tool well. Here are images from the training of Spaceshaper facilitators. Over 400 people were trained through Pathways in this tool.